Priority Thrust Areas

Introduction, popularization and production of organic manure/ fertilizer,  compost, Vermicompost, BGA, PSB, PGPR, Azolla etc.

Introduction and use of bio-agents, botanicals etc. as eco-friendly plant protection measures for insect pest and disease control in different crops.

Recycling of bio-waste products (paddy straw) for mushroom  production.

Popularization of backyard poultry birds like Vanaraja/ Giriraja for secondary source of income to the farmer/ farmwomen

Increase in milk, meat and egg production by introduction of highly productive breeds of cattle, goat, pig, poultry (for meat and egg) for Nutritional security and income generating source to the farmers.

Emphasis upon export quality scented rice production.

Introduction of strawberry and kiwi fruit in Sikkim  as  potential fruit crops.

Entrepreneurship development in organic farming.

Adoption of soil amendment techniques for improving soil fertility.

Integrated farming system for sustenance of hill agriculture for nutritional security.

Preservation and processing of fruits and  vegetables.

Soil and water conservation measures.

Popularization of silage as fodder for lean season.

Identification and validation of ITK for sustainable agriculture

Drudgery reduction through use of low cost  agricultural  implements in farming.

Diversification of agriculture for better income and eco-sustainability.

Off-season vegetable production under protected condition.

Maintenance of hygienic and sanitized livestock farm.

Establishing the status of floriculture as major source of income.

Enhancing the production and productivity of  spices crops  (ginger, large cardamom, turmeric)

Provision of storage and marketing facility.

Women entrepreneurship development through  various income generating activities (machine wool knitting, backyard poultry, mushroom cultivation and nutritional garden)

Emphasis on agro-forestry to meet fuel, fodder and other requirement.

Improvement in indigenous farming system.