Infrastructure Facilities

Name of Building


Plinth area (Sq. m)

Status of Construction

Administrative Building

400 sq.m

Old Construction  (Renovation under ICAR)

Farmers Hostel



Staff Quarters (6)



Demonstration Units (3)

120 sq.m

Old Construction  (Renovation under ICAR)




Threshing  floor (2)


Old Construction (Renovation under ICAR)

LIBRARY: The KVK, East Sikkim is having a small library for ready reference of any literature related to different technologies of various disciplines.

SOIL and WATER TESTING LABORATORY: There is a Soil and Water testing laboratory in the Marchak premises of    KVK, East Sikkim, which was established during 2006. Till date, more than150 soil samples collected from nearly 15 different villages of the district have been analysed and the results have been provided to them, thereby benefitting more than 120 farm families.  

AGRI-CLINIC: An AGRI CLINIC has been established in the premises of KVK, Ranipool to provide agro-advisory services to the farmers in respect of problem-solutions, improved technologies, quality inputs and other related activities.